The Road Map

The following is an overview of events planned for the USS Kingfisher:

- (Current): While the personnel transfer continues and the ship is resupplied, Eagan Clearwater, grandson of the Bennu Cult Leader, Elijah Clearwater, is called to the tower for a meeting with one of the faithful.

- In the aftermath of the war, the Dosi are running a floating auction house in neutral space. Word from field operatives is that they are started to sell technology which is rumored to have belonged to Section 31. Starfleet Intelligence is justifiably concerned, and the Kingfisher is ordered to a) find the cache, if it still exists, and b) if possible, take possession of any items that have been stolen from that cache.

- The data retrieved from the auction house, after decryption and examination, puts the crew on the trail of an elusive figure known as "The Collector".