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The war is finally over. The defeated Changelings have returned to the Great Link and the Federation Alliance has disbanded, each retreating to their own territory, each having suffered devastating losses. Its a time to bury the dead, to rebuild, to get back to peace-time pursuits, but there are those who think its not that simple.

There are questions to be answered regarding the Gamma Quadrant now that the Changelings are no longer the dominant force in the region. Do the Jem Ha'Dar remain a threat or have they retreated to the home system of the Changelings? What is the status of the worlds formerly under Dominion Control? What happened to the ships and crews sent into the quadrant never to be heard from again?

A mere six months' after the war's end, there is a surprising development. The Volzuc, a peaceable world on the edge of Federation space, reach out to the Federation. In return for membership, they offer exclusive use of the stable wormhole located in their system. With a fixed endpoint in a neutral area of the Gamma Quadrant, the wormhole, essentially a back-door into Federation space, needs to be investigated and more importantly protected.

No one's ready. Ships need repair and the Fleetyards are working around-the-clock. Captains and crews need time to recover, to mourn, to decide what they want to do. Resources are tight but the decision is made to begin establishing a permanent foothold in the quadrant. It's the right move even though many are adamantly opposed. Finally, after long debates, the Volzuc petition is expedited and they are given protected status, a first step toward membership.

Now the harder part. Convincing those who are best suited to get back into the fight. A list of candidates is made up and people are dispatched -- to talk, to convince, to order, if necessary. Top of the list is the USS Kingfisher, an Akira Class Heavy Cruiser, active throughout the war, under the command of Captain Eagan Clearwater.

The USS Kingfisher is a Akira Class Heavy Cruiser recently returned to Aberdeen Fleetyards on Aldebaran after long service during the Dominion War. The Kingfisher is under the command of Captain Eagan Clearwater. We are an independent sim, without any fleet affiliation, and if you're interested, go to our hosting group, Sim Central Discord Server, under #join-a-game. Once you've accepted the rules, a new chat will open where we'll be able to talk with you about your character. Hope to see you soon.

Latest Mission Posts

» Armageddon White

Mission: Getting Back Out There
Posted on Fri Aug 12th, 2022 @ 5:52pm by Captain Eagan Clearwater

Perugia Colony. What an odd name for a world, Ain thought, as he moved down stone lined pathways toward what had been the town square. What had they planned on calling themselves? Perugians. The breeze brought with it the smell of rotting corpses; they’d seen the bodies piled up in…

» Let It Go (Only Don't)

Mission: Getting Back Out There
Posted on Thu Aug 11th, 2022 @ 6:56pm by Captain Eagan Clearwater

"Oh, for the love of ..." Eagan bit off the rest of that sentence because you tried to keep conversation civil in the presence of your superiors and especially in the presence of this particular superior. Margarete Zelle was something of a legend in Starfleet as much for her brilliance…